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Wholesale Orders & Branded Merchandise

The LOOP can be purchased at wholesale prices for resale. The retail single and triple boxes are compliant with national retailer standards, and fit on standard retail peg and flat hangar rack. It’s ideal for a point-of-purchase impulse buy or anyplace where earbuds are sold. MSRP $5.99/$16.99, well below most competing products (which range from $4-40).  

The minimum wholesale order is 100 pieces for single boxes, 50 pieces for triple boxes and 100 pieces for stirrup packaging (best for discount stores MSRP $4.99).  You can specify any mix of our ten colors. 


Each color comes with its own GS-1 UPC code. We offer counter top retail displays for a small fee with purchase.


If you are interested in carrying the LOOP please contact Angela Schuster, VP Of Sales 720-407-8011


Support for Retailers

We actively protect the retail price of LOOPs against online discounting; we will only sell them online at the prices you currently see in our e-Store.

 We will be introducing a new line of larger LOOP products in the second half of 2016 to manage and protect USB and AV cables, extension cords and Christmas lights.  We have collected extensive consumer feedback indicating an enthusiastic demand for these products.  

















































Corporate Branded Merchandise





Tired of the same old schwag? Want something people will actually want to receive and will look at every day for years? The LOOP is fantastic for trade shows, conferences, school 

fundraisers, and university and corporate branding. We can print your name, website and/or logo (max. 36 characters). Single or full color printing on your choice of any of our 10 standard colors. 3 day turn-around. 





Each LOOP will come individually packaged with a simple, elegant stirrup showing use instructions. 

If you are interested in getting a price quote on branded LOOPs please contact Angela Schuster, VP Of Sales  720-407-8011